Volunteer sought for Colombian Tribunal on Health and Safety and Security

The Colombian Association of Labour Lawyers for Workers is planning to hold an International Tribunal on Freedom of Association and Human Rights , with a focus on workplace health and safety and security issues in Colombia. The tribunal will be composed of eleven international jurists as participant members of the panel. The Tribunal is seeking a representative from Canada who has experience in health and safety law as one of these participants. 

The Tribunal will be held in September from Sept 21 to 24, 2016 in Cucuta, Colombia at the University of Francicso de Paula Santander. 

This type of tribunal is known as an ethical tribunal and is not  controlled by government . A number of  similar tribunals have been held in recent years in Colombia, Peru, Bolivia and Mexico. These tribunals receive various cases brought forward by trade unions and workers  and issue a report with recommendations. The tribunals serve to shed light on labour union rights violations in these countries. The reports are published and distributed to government authorities, international organisations, trade unions and  media. 

Proceedings of the tribunal will be conducted in Spanish, and knowledge of Spanish would be an asset to the participant, although not a prerequisite. 

The International Labour Rights Committee of CALL will be able to provide financial support for a CALL member to participate in the Tribunal.

Those interested should contact David Brown, ILRC coordinator at david.brownconsult@bellaliant.net    

David Brown
CALL International Labour Rights Committee