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THE CANADIAN ASSOCIATION OF LABOUR LAWYERS was created in the late 1980's. Its members are all lawyers who represent the labour movement across Canada. They practice in law firms or as employees of labour organizations.

About 600 lawyers are members of the Association at this time. The great majority of labour law firms and the legal departments of most of the larger labour organizations in Canada are represented by one or more members.

Members practice in every Province and Territory of Canada and in all aspects of labour law: federal and provincial jurisdictions, public and private sectors, etc.

Each year, the Association holds a conference in the spring. Members are invited to discuss current issues in labour law and labour relations. Members are frequently in contact in order to consult one another or to exchange information.

The Association makes submissions to the federal and provincial governments as well as to the various labour boards and courts across Canada in order to assert the point of view of Canada's labour lawyers. Given the great experience and education of its members, the Association endeavours to protect and advance the interests of workers in the forums where labour law is made and administered.