Invitation and update from the International Labour Rights Committee of CALL-ACAMS

Are you interested in the international work of CALL-ACAMS? The International Labour Rights Committee (ILRC) invites CALL-ACAMS members who would like to join the ILRC to complete the member survey/membership form, which sets out the ILRC's mission statement and will allow us to inventory the skills and experience of ILRC members. For current ILRC members who filled out a survey previously, please send us any updated information if there has been any change.

You are also invited to attend the ILRC meeting at the CALL-ACAMS conference in Quebec City. The meeting is scheduled for Friday, June 15, at 4:30 p.m. (check the conference program for further details). There will be an election for Executive Committee members this year, since elections are biennial and were held in 2010. 

Completed surveys can be returned to the ILRC at the Quebec City conference or by e-mail to