( in effect from 1995(?) through June 17, 2005)

1.00 Name
2.00 Objects
3.00 Membership
4.00 Association fees
5.00 Council and executive committee
6.00 Membership meetings
7.00 Administration
8.00 Committees
9.00 Amendments

1.00 NAME

1.01 The name of the Association shall be Canadian Association of Labour Lawyers/Association canadienne des avocats du mouvement syndical.


2.01 The objects of the Association shall be

  1. to foster relations and exchange of information among labour lawyers in Canada and other countries;
  2. to improve the physical, emotional, cultural and material well-being of Canadian workers and their families and to promote the legal interests of Canadian workers and their families;
  3. to hold conferences and other educational events;
  4. to defend and promote the principles of freedom of association;
  5. to provide resources and assistance to advance these objects.


3.01 Membership is open to lawyers in Canada representing trade unions or employee organizations who are sponsored by a member and accepted into membership by the Association.

3.02 Associate or honourary membership shall be open to others upon approval by the Executive Committee.

3.03 A list of members, together with their addresses and telephone numbers, shall be distributed annually to all members.


4.01 There shall be an annual fee which shall be fixed from time to time by the Association. Additional assessments may be levied as required by the Executive Committee.


5.01 The Council of the Association shall be the President and eighteen (18) Vice-Presidents who shall be elected by mailed ballot or at a general meeting, as the Executive Committee may determine, in 1994 and at least every second calendar year thereafter. The President may assign particular responsibilities to any of the Vice-Presidents as deemed appropriate. No fewer than half of the Vice-Presidents shall be women. The members from each province shall elect two (2) Vice-Presidents, provided that such election shall not have the effect of violating the requirement of gender balance. No person shall be President for longer than four (4) years consecutively.

5.02 The Executive Committee shall consist of five (5) members, including the immediate Past President who shall be non-voting, and including the President, who shall be an ex officio member and Chairperson. The remaining three (3) members of the Executive Committee shall be elected by the Council. The members of the Executive Committee will assign one from among their number to act as Treasurer.

5.03 The Executive Committee shall conduct the affairs of the Association between membership meetings and shall adopt such by-laws and resolutions as are necessary for the welfare of the Association, subject to approval by the membership at a meeting or by mailed ballot, as the Executive Committee may determine.

5.04 The Executive Committee shall meet as required by the President or by a majority of the Executive Committee or the Council, but there shall be at least one (1) meeting of the Executive Committee each calendar year.

5.05 A quorum of the Executive Committee consists of three (3) members of the Executive Committee, one of whom must be the President or a Vice-President designated by the President.

5.06 Meetings of the Executive Committee may be held by teleconference or other means by which all members may communicate with each other and be simultaneously informed.

5.07 Council members may be recalled and replaced by a two-thirds majority vote of the members present at a membership meeting, or through a mailed ballot by simple majority, at the determination of the Executive Committee. Vacancies from time to time shall be filled by the Executive Committee.

5.08 The Council members shall be responsible for electing the Executive Committee and for promoting the goals of the Association in their province or region.


6.01 The membership shall meet as required, on one (1) month's notice from the President or a majority of the Executive Committee, at least once every second calendar year.

6.02 In addition, a membership meeting shall be convened within one (1) month following delivery to the Executive Committee of a written request for such membership meeting signed by 20% of the membership.

6.03 Unless otherwise provided herein, the membership shall decide matters by simple majority vote of those in attendance at a membership meeting.


7.01 The Administration shall be con-ducted as directed by the Executive Committee. Funds shall be kept in a bank designated by the Executive Committee. Cheques shall require the signature of the President and one other member of the Executive Committee. The President shall present an accounting to the Executive Committee and to the membership annually. Accountants shall be appointed by the Executive Committee.


8.01 Committees may be appointed as required by the Executive Committee, upon such terms as the Executive Committee determines.


9.01 Amendments to the Constitution may be proposed by any members and become effective if approved by a two-thirds majority vote of the members in attendance at a membership meeting.

9.02 Notice of amendments shall be forwarded to the Executive Committee at least one (1) month in advance of the meeting. The Executive Committee will distribute the notice to all members at least ten (10) days prior to the membership meeting.

9.03 Amendments to the Constitution may also be proposed by the Executive Committee and become effective if approved, following one month's notice, through a mailed ballot by a simple majority.