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York University's Osgoode Professional Development based in Toronto, hold a number of Continuing Legal Education programs York University has a special upcoming course taught by Professor Alan Bogg of Oxford University (Comparative Labour Law: The British Model).  This event is scheduled for April 10th, 11th and 12th, 2014.  For more information: please call us at 416.673.4670 OR email us at admissions-opd@osgoode.yorku.ca.

Osgoode Professional Development's Comparative Labour & Employment Law: The British Model [Eligible for 3 CPD credits]
Much of Canadian employment law is borrowed, or at least built upon the foundation of, the British common law of the employment contract. Yet the modern British approach to employment law has veered in important ways from the Canadian approach, both in terms of the development of the common law model and in the manner in which the two countries have chosen to regulate work. Despite its roots in the British legal system, the Canadian approach to governing collective labour relations reflects more American influence than British. The British "voluntarist" approach to industrial relations eschewed statutory recognition of unions, enforceable collective agreements, and tight government control of industrial action. Yet we can still see the influence of British law on Canadian labour law, for example, in the system of torts that continue to govern industrial conflict in both countries. This course introduces students to key historical and contemporary issues and debates in British labour and employment law from a comparative law perspective. Join prestiged Professor Alan Bogg from Oxford University for this special event!
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